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The Sculptor and the Boy

“For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope” (Jeremiah 29:11). In a few moments I will land in Rome and begin … Continue reading

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Going to ROME!

Roman Catholic Reflections is excited to announce that it will be going on pilgrimage to Rome! First of all, please know that you and your intentions will be remembered at Masses, before the relics of countless saints, and in daily … Continue reading

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“Gossiping = Demonstrating Your Own Stupidity,” by Cameron Daly

Though I can’t say for sure that this is accepted as definitive Church teaching,* St. Ignatius of Loyola gave us a very helpful way to consider the act of gossiping—i.e., one that may strongly discourage us from it: “Nothing should … Continue reading

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“Obedience and Patience”—by Cameron Daly

“[The religious] must realize that all who are in the convent are no more than workmen whom God has set there solely that they may fashion and polish him as regards mortification”—St. John of the Cross, “Counsels to a Religious for the Attainment of Perfection,” 3. Continue reading

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“What are You Entitled to?”—class discussion post by Cameron Daly

Remember that you do not DESERVE God on account of your sins. This means that you do not DESERVE anything good; for God is goodness itself, and therefore all goodness—including all that you yourself possess in any way—has its source in Him. Therefore, all of it that you have is ultimately His generous gift to you. This is why we must banish any sense of ENTITLEMENT, and replace it with a profound APPRECIATION and GRATITUDE for God’s kindness and generosity. This is the only realistic approach. Continue reading

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“Regina Coeli,” an Easter Season Midday Prayer

I recently shared the “Angelus” prayer, which is considered a midday prayer. In the Easter Season (from Easter Sunday through Pentecost), the Angelus is replaced by the Regina Coeli/Caeli, a beautiful prayer which I quote as follows from EWTN:   … Continue reading

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Tempted to “Cheat” by Sinning? So was Jesus, but He Never Did—by Cameron Daly

On page 722, we read that “For the first two years of the war [meaning WWII], German food supplies were adequate and the production of consumer goods continued.” When Jesus is in the desert, He is offered great things by … Continue reading

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