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My Blog Posts on Prof. Heather Voccola’s “Historical Happenings: A Compilation of Coursework”–by Cameron Daly

I was recently able to contribute two posts to Prof. Heather Voccola’s blog Historical Happenings: A Compilation of Coursework for my Church History midterm! In one, I gave a review of Origen’s On Prayer, and in the other, I gave an overview … Continue reading

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College Discussion Post Turned Lenten Reflection, by Cameron Daly

I wrote the following last week in in response to the Week 7 discussion prompt in the Church History class I’m taking. Looks like it even formatted properly here! One passage from Scripture can sum up my three points from … Continue reading

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Practice What You Preach: St. Paul on Justification, Part 5—by Cameron Daly

As I’ve shown over the past four posts in this series, true Christianity clearly professes good works to be necessary for salvation. The next step for the Christians, then, is to live out that profession.   As St. Paul put … Continue reading

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The Gospels as They Pertain to St. Paul’s Doctrine: St. Paul on Justification, Part 4—by Cameron Daly

As noted in the last post of this series, I will here be discussing how doing good works is shown to be necessary by the Gospel accounts. Matthew/Luke According to St. Paul, “no one can say, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ except … Continue reading

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