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“What are You Entitled to?”—class discussion post by Cameron Daly

Remember that you do not DESERVE God on account of your sins. This means that you do not DESERVE anything good; for God is goodness itself, and therefore all goodness—including all that you yourself possess in any way—has its source in Him. Therefore, all of it that you have is ultimately His generous gift to you. This is why we must banish any sense of ENTITLEMENT, and replace it with a profound APPRECIATION and GRATITUDE for God’s kindness and generosity. This is the only realistic approach. Continue reading

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“What Do I Know?”—Epistemology PowerPoint Presentation by Cameron Daly

Attached is the Epistemology PowerPoint to go along with the annotated bibliography I had posted previously. I’ve also included the transcript for what is said in the audio for the presentation. To access the audio for a given slide, please … Continue reading

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Connect with Roman Catholic Reflections Through Other Media Networks!–by Cameron Daly

Please connect with Roman Catholic Reflections through some of the other social media networks it’s been linked to! Find it on Facebook @RomanCatholicReflections. Follow @RCR_Blog on Twitter. Connect with it on Tumblr at RomanCatholicReflectionsBlog. Follow me personally on Path (the fact that RCR blog … Continue reading

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Request for Assistance with Class Project—by Cameron Daly

As part of a project I’m working on in my Catholic Formation and New Media class, I’m looking for suggestions on how to improve Roman Catholic Reflections! I’m trying to make it a better, more effective tool for evangelization. If … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography for Upcoming Epistemology Presentation—by Cameron Daly

I’m working on a presentation for Epistemology (the topic of my presentation being what the human mind is capable of knowing—and it includes attempted refutations of denials of the human ability to know), and to my understanding, I am required … Continue reading

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“[E]xplain which of the proofs [of God proposed by those who came before St. Thomas] … you found most interesting and why”—discussion prompt answered by Cameron Daly

Last night, I posted what follows to the above discussion prompt in the truly epic Philosophy of God class I’m taking at Holy Apostles this semester (taught by Prof. Christopher Apodaca). As another point of interest, yesterday was the fourth … Continue reading

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“What is the knowledge value of common sense and can it be used to assess the correctness of scientific theory?”—discussion prompt answered by Cameron Daly

Here’s my first post for the Epistemology class (taught by Dr. Philippe Yates) I’m taking this semester at Holy Apostles College & Seminary (hopefully I wrote it sensibly!): Common sense helps us to get through life practically, without having to … Continue reading

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