Questions/Suggestions/Blog Topic Requests

We would welcome any constructive input, ideas, or questions from our readers! Please feel free to comment below any questions you have concerning the blog or the Catholic faith, suggestions for the blog that you want to share with us, or relevant subjects you would like to see us write on.

Question Mark Pipefish

To answer what might be your first question, the above “question mark” is actually a creature known as a pipefish, which is much like a seahorse but has a snakelike, eel-like, or (in some select cases) question mark-like body. Such amazing and entertaining creatures Our Lord has made us stewards over!

2 Responses to Questions/Suggestions/Blog Topic Requests

  1. m.k. says:

    Might I suggest you begin to see the error of Catholicism by reading a debate on the Eucharist?


    • camerondaly says:

      Hello m.k.,

      It’s funny you should mention that when you did; two Sundays ago was both the Catholic Feast of Corpus Christi and my fourteenth anniversary of having received my First Holy Communion.

      Anyway, thank you for the link. I took a look at it, and from what I saw, realized that I not only don’t have time to read it all, but that it also apparently isn’t yet completed (by the established rules of the debaters, it won’t end until August). However, if you would like to state your own case against the Eucharist (hopefully a shorter one than those contained in the link, ha-ha), I would be happy to discuss/debate it with you here—or try to answer any questions you have concerning the Catholic teaching on the Eucharist.

      God bless!


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