Contributor Bios

Cameron Daly

My full name is Cameron James Anthony Daly. I am an online college sophomore at Holy Apostles College & Seminary–currently majoring in theology, though sometime in the near future I’m hoping to switch to double-majoring in that and philosophy. I live in CT, right across the street from my parish and around thirty to forty minutes’ drive from the HACS campus (which I’ve been blessed to be able to visit several times). Someday I hope to try taking a class on-campus.

I’m a cradle Catholic, and was homeschooled up until college (though I’ve also taken some MOOCs from HACS). I have a variety of interests, including sports (playing them much more than watching them—primarily pickleball now, but also volleyball, disc golf, tennis, and soccer); piano, which I’ve played for a long time; pets, of which I have an interesting variety; racing toy cars at local clubs; and various games—board games, video games, etc. Two new details for 2017 are that I am now in the early stages of being both an X Box gamer and a cheesecake connoisseur.

Perhaps obviously, my core interest is my faith. I’m an altar server of thirteen years, a faith formation teacher, the recorder for my local Knights of Columbus Council, and (you guessed it) a Catholic blogger. I’m also an editor and reviewer for various Catholic websites and books by the company “For the Love of God, Inc.” and occasionally books or articles written by my parents. Most importantly, I try to live a good, Catholic everyday life (though of course I need to try harder—which we all probably should in our own ways). I’m interested in using my degree to teach theology (or perhaps philosophy) either in a school or college setting, though I’m also open to the possibility of the priesthood. Please keep me in your prayers!

Grace Marie

Hi! I am Grace Marie – Philosophy student online through Holy Apostles College and Seminary, proud Roman Catholic, and daughter of the Most High God! Though my studies with HACS, I have been invited by Cameron to become an author for Roman Catholic Reflections.

I come from a large homeschooling Catholic family where my passion for wisdom has been nurtured. Writing and singing are among my favorite ways to spend an afternoon. I also love reading a wide range of authors, from Jane Austen to Saint John of the Cross. The beauty and tradition of the Church dazzle me. Stemming from this is a deep interest in Eastern Catholicism, encouraged by Saint Pope John Paul’s words in Ut Unum Sint that “the Church must breathe with her two lungs” (§54). My Eastern Catholic studies have instilled in me a more vibrant love for the Eucharist, a greater appreciation of the Church as a whole, and a new respect for my brothers and sisters in the different Rites of Christ’s Mystical Body (that is, those Rites that are in full communion with the Magisterium).

If I had to list the most important things in my life, they would be my faith, followed closely by my family, and my Catholic community surrounding the Carmelite Basilica. I hope that the readers of this blog will find some inspiration in my words and a connection with Christ in this journey of faith.


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