Respecting the Real Presence through Silence and the Obligation to Stay for the Whole Mass

Here are two great tips/reminders for when you go to Mass this Sunday concerning proper reverence for the Real Presence of Our Lord and how to properly fulfill your Sunday obligation:


Many people view time after Mass as a good time to socialize with fellow Catholic Mass attendants. This in itself is true enough, but a Catholic Church is the House of God, not a social gathering place–so the Church is not the proper place for this socializing. The following is a great reminder from St. Jacinta Marto, one of the Fátima visionaries visited by Our Lady, of the reverence and respect we should have when in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Tabernacle:

“Noticing that many visitors chatted and laughed in the chapel, Jacinta asked Mother Godinho to warn them of the lack of respect for the Real Presence this represented. When this measure did not bring about satisfactory results, she asked that the cardinal be advised that ‘Our Lady does not want people to talk in church.’”

(I am unable to find the original written source for this, but based on a couple of the places that have used this basic quotation and the valuable point it makes, it seems probably worth sharing.)

Staying for the Whole Mass

A number of people are also mistaken as to what exactly the Sunday Mass obligation entails, thinking it’s fine to leave after receiving Communion or arrive late. “In reality, we’re obligated to attend Mass, which means all of Mass, unless we have a good reason otherwise” (article’s paraphrase of canon lawyer Ed Peters–with my emphasis).

Please STOP Leaving Mass Early Right After Communion!

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