Faith and Reason: Friend or Foe?–by Cameron Daly

Think religion and faith are necessarily opposed to reason? Pope Pius IX would have begged to differ….

Qui Pluribus (Piux IX, 1846): • “… what is more, they boldly prate it [faith] is repugnant to human reason. Certainly, nothing more insane, nothing more impious, nothing more repugnant to reason itself can be imagined or thought of than this. For, even if faith is above reason, nevertheless, no true dissension or disagreement can ever be found between them, since both have their origin from one and the same font of immutable, eternal truth, the excellent and great God, and they mutually help one another so much that right reason demonstrates the truth of faith, protects it, defends it; but faith frees reason from all errors and, by a knowledge of divine things, wonderfully elucidates it, confirms, and perfects it” (Denz. 2776). (As quoted in the Week 13 PowerPoint for the Philosophy of Nature course I’m taking.)

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