“Mary, O Mary,” by Grace Marie


Image courtesy of the National Gallery of Art, Washington

Mary, O Mary


“Mary, O Mary,

Why are you weeping?

What cause, O Magdalene,

These tears?

Do you forget

The signs and wonders

He did for you

Throughout the years?


“See, O See:

The red dawn rises;

The sign of triumph-

Of victory won.

Do not let

The ache of yesterday

Shut out this,

The rising sun.


“Mary, O dear one,

Turn from this place.

Why confront the tomb

This way?

He is not there,

Nor can you take Him.

Empty, seeker,

The place where He lay.”


“Mary, O daughter

Why hesitate still?


Do you not yet believe?

I wish to share

With you my kingdom,

Will you accept

What mind cannot conceive?”


“Rabboni, my Teacher,

How can you ask!?

You who know

My everything!

Yet, there is no place

In heaven’s halls

For the pain and shame

I would bring.”


“Mary, O Mary,”

The Gardener calls,

“Lift up your face;

Gaze on me.

Do you not know?

I am not of this world,

But long to hold you –

Heart in heart- eternally.”


-Grace Marie

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