“Forty-One Years of Sadness”–Reflection for the Daily Mass Readings of Jan. 22, 2014, by Cameron Daly

This reflection was taken from the Daily Mass Readings of Jan. 22, 2014:

Today marks forty-one years of sadness.

The Catholic Church refers to today as the “Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children.” So far, over fifty-five million–yes, fifty-five million–innocent children have been murdered, their deaths plotted and overseen by their own parents. Robbed of their own lives before they even had a chance to live them.

In the US, we are conditioned to believe that it’s perfectly “legal” and “acceptable” to kill innocent children. Why? Because they exist, and because they’re inconvenient.

The unborn never hurt anybody. It wasn’t even their idea to exist in the first place. The unborn are human beings; but, because they don’t have a voice, and they get in the way of people who do, some people decide that the “problematic” unborn just have to go. The “undesirables” must die.

The people who think that call themselves “Pro-Choicers.” They might as well call themselves “Pro-Killers.” That’s not harsh. It’s the truth. If they were really pro-“choice,” then they’d think about the “choice” that they’re giving the unborn. How much “choice” do they have? The only people the “Pro-Choicers” are giving any “choice” to are the ones who don’t have to worry about dying if they don’t get their way. If the unborn have no voices of their own, and they’re killed before they can get any, then who cares what they think? Let’s just discard them, as if they were things.

That’s exactly how people who support abortion like to think of the unborn; as things. They don’t like to think about how they’re living creatures, or people, or innocent children, because that’s not the easy way to think of it. And they certainly don’t care to mention that they (the “Pro-Choicers”) were once “fetuses” themselves. If their mothers had thought them inconvenient, and decided that they weren’t fit to live because of it, then they wouldn’t be alive today. How much “choice” would they have had then?

Imagine a couple had a little girl, and after having this child for two years or so, they decided to kill her. You can imagine the fits people would have over it–and rightly so. Now imagine the parents saying, when asked why they would do such a horrible thing, “We decided we just didn’t need this hassle in our lives anymore; it got in the way of the things we wanted to do.” People debate over whether they should give murderous criminals a life sentence or a death penalty (and really, they shouldn’t be put to death, as even murderers should have the chance to repent of their sins). Yet, how many of us care if unborn children die, for no crime at all?

Almost every day, unborn children are killed because they’re “inconvenient.” Small, defenseless, voiceless children are executed before they’re even born because they’re unwanted. Their parents conceived them, had second thoughts, and brought them to a “facility” to have them murdered.

A facility devoted to killing children before they’re even born; my, we really have come a long way. In what direction, pray tell? If we continue in this one, we’ll have “facilities” that put toddlers who make too much noise to death.

We like to think of America as a “free country.” How free is it, when more than fifty-five million people aren’t even free to live? That’s not allowing freedom and equality for all; that’s giving it to some select individuals–the ones who are able to complain about it if they don’t get their way, the ones who are able to vote the people out of office who won’t give them their way. People will say how their freedom is being “restricted” if they can’t have abortions. “Oh, I’m sorry–we wouldn’t want to give Person #1 a lack of “freedom” or “choice” in what they’re going to do with their lives, so let’s just kill Person #2 and end their life to make Person #1 happy; it doesn’t matter what Person #2 makes of that.”

The ones who want abortions will say “it’s my body, I can do what I want with it.” Actually, it’s not their body that they want to manipulate; it’s their child’s body. They want to take another person’s right to life into their own hands, because they find that person inconvenient; and in most cases, they (the ones who want abortions) are the ones willingly responsible for the existence of the ones whom they find inconvenient.

I’m sorry, but that’s just not fair no matter how you slice it. If someone’s going to go and satisfy themselves by becoming pregnant with another human being–by conceiving a person every bit as alive as they are–then they do not have the right to turn around and kill that human being, because they then decide that that is what pleases them! If people didn’t want the responsibility, then they should have been smart enough to not create such a responsibility in the first place.

As for those who never asked for a child, but find themselves given one against their will anyway, it is still wrong for them to have the child aborted. It’s still a choice between their convenience and the life of an innocent human being. It may not be the mother’s choice to be in such a position, but it certainly wasn’t the child’s choice, either. And it definitely wouldn’t be the child’s choice to get killed for of it.

For example, if someone found a baby boy left in a basket on their front porch, and they couldn’t do much to help him, what should they do? Should they have him killed, or should they (assuming there’s no way to find the parents) have him put up for adoption? If mothers who are forced into bearing a child can’t care for the child, it’s okay for them to admit that; furthermore, if they really care about the child, then abortion makes no sense. That would essentially be saying “No uncertainty as to whether the baby will have a happy life–let’s just have them aborted and make sure they don’t!” If the forced mother doesn’t care about the well-being of the child, then she still should be unable to kill it; as I said, it’s inconvenience–high inconvenience, I will admit–versus a life. No price can buy life; no price should be able to end it. She ought to give birth to the baby and put him or her up for adoption. If this were really a society which was free for all people, then that would be mandatory. Not death.

There are many grave sins going around today like devastating infections (rather like how C. S. Lewis referred to Christianity as a “good infection”), but abortion has to be the very worst. It puts matters of life or death into human hands (something which should never be done, given our fallibility), and it violates the Commandment “Thou shalt not kill”–a mortal sin. There is nothing that excuses it. So many of our children are being deprived of such a wonderful gift: life. They have that gift at the instant of conception. When they are aborted, they never get a chance to appreciate it; it is taken from before they have any hope of experiencing it or enjoying it. And they have the gift of a soul–at the instant of conception. They aren’t things; they’re humans, the most innocent humans you’ll find. And they are being murdered.

Those who support abortion are like the Philistine in today’s first reading: they are loud and forceful, causing them to loom larger then life before us Christians. Therefore, we must be like David. We must trust in the Lord to help us combat this great evil. With our words and prayers, through His Divine assistance, this atrocity can be overcome; we have to have faith in that. Fifty-five million murdered children isn’t just a number; it’s fifty-five million murdered children, who, through no fault of their own, are having their very lives plucked away from them each and every day. Don’t support murder, don’t allow it to continue. Do God’s will instead, and save these innocent lives. If this blog post saves even one unborn child, then it will be the greatest thing I have ever done.

“You shall not kill.”–Ex 20:13 (the Fifth Commandment)

by Cameron Daly

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